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The Frankish heartland consist of three main territories: Austrasia, Burgundy, and Neustria. To this we add seven other lands which, strictly speaking, are not Frankish, but together form what we call Frankland. These provinces are Alemannia, Aquitaine, Bavaria, Gascony, Provence, Septimania and Thuringia. Each region retains some of its own history, laws, culture and outlook.


From Reims in the west to the Weser in the east, and from Dorestad in the north to the plateau of Langres in the south, Autrasia contains the former Roman provinces of Belgica Prima (Trier), Germania Prima (Mayence), Germania Secunda (Cologne), and the east of Belgica Secunda (Reims).

The Frankish heartland of Austrasia is mostly covered with dense hilly forests, with most settlements along the Meuse, the Rhine, and the other rivers. This region features important bishoprics at Speyer, Worms, Verdun, Maastricht, Trier, Metz and Mayence. It includes the duchies of Ardennes, Brabant, Champagne, Flanders-Artois, and Lorraine, and ecclesiastical holdings of Cologne, Liege, and Mayence.

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