Duke Thierry the Boar

Duke of Ardennes


Glory achieved

10000 Glory
SIZ: 16 Move 2
DEX: 8 Damage 5d6
STR: 14 Hit Points 28
CON: 12 Armor 12 plus shield
APP: 7
Attacks: Sword 18, Mace 16, Spear 14, Dagger 13
Significant Traits: Energetic 17, Modest 7, Temperate 6, Valorous 18
Significant Passions: Loyalty [king] 21, Love [family] 18
Significant Skills: Courtesy 12, Horsemanship 16, Hunting 19, Intrigue 8, Romance 7

thierry-coa.pngThe Duke of Ardennes is the personal friend and tutor of Charlemagne. Thierry’s shield is three black boars’ heads on a silver field, hence his nickname. He is an old-fashioned, no-nonsense warrior. A bold knight, he is loyal to the death and renowned for the expert hunting parties he frequently organizes on his domains, often in the company of Charlemagne.

The duke and his wife have three children: a daughter, Rissende (762); a young healthy boy, Berard (764); and a sickly baby, Galopin (766).

The Duke’s Retinue

At Bastogne, the duke commands five Knights of the Gates: Egier, Garin, Grimold, Radehart and Yvorin. In the count’s absence, old Sir Garin acts as the marshal of the town castle. The ten Tower Knights are Adalhart, Baldric, Bernier, Chrodemond, Egduin, Guidolf, Odo, Radehelm, Thurold and Widochar. Father Jerome, the elderly chaplain, is in charge of the duke’s treasury. Thierry’s retinue is completed by his squires Amalwin and Onfroy, the horse groom Fremund and wise Master Salonius, a healer from beyond the Alps.

All in all, Duke Thierry’s army strength totals around 70 knights.

Duke Thierry the Boar

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