Sir Vivien de Monbranc

Rehabilitated Twin


Glory achieved

6000 Glory
SIZ: 16 Move 3
DEX: 12 Damage 5d6
STR: 16 Hit Points 32
CON: 16 Armor 12+3 plus shield
APP: 14
Attacks: Battle 20, Sword 20, Lance 20, Dagger 18
Significant Traits: Reckless 18, Valorous 16
Significant Passions: Honor 16, Love (family) 19, Love (God) 17
Significant Skills: Awareness 13, Courtesy 15, First Aid 11, Heraldry 10, Hunting 16, Eloquence 13
Steed: Charger (6d6)

Shortly after his birth, young Vivien and his twin brother Maugis were separated from their mother, Lady Druwane of Aigremont.

Maugis is found by Oriande, a faerie who has him baptized and raises him at her court at Castle Rocheflor, while Vivien is captured and taken away to Montbranc in Moorish Spain, together with his aunt Ysane. Ysane is married to the Moorish Prince Aquilant of Majorca, to whom she bears a son, Brendan. Vivien is raised by Esclarmonde, the wife of Wali Sorgalant of Monbranc.

In 771, the brothers were at last reunited at the Battle of Compostela, whereupon Vivien immediately took the Cross and the twins swore to oppose both Charlemagne and the Moors.

Sir Vivien de Monbranc

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