Sir Isembard

A Real Bastard of a Knight


Glory achieved

2000 Glory
SIZ: 13 Move 3
DEX: 9 Damage 4d6
STR: 13 Hit Points 26
CON: 13 Armor 10 plus shield
APP: 15
Attacks: Sword 15, Lance 15, Dagger 10
Significant Traits: Cruel 16, Valorous 15
Significant Passions: Honor 8, Love (Charlemagne) 16, Love (God) 15
Significant Skills: Awareness 10, Battle 15, Courtesy 6, First Aid 10, Heraldry 10, Horsemanship 15, Hunting 10, Tourney 10
Steed: Charger (6d6)

isembard.pngSir Isembard is a distant cousin of Duke Thierry and has used his status and family connections as a cudgel to get away with all manner of dastardly deeds. He may have finally gone too far, however—his wife, Lady Bertha, has disappeared, and rumor has it that Sir Isembard has either killed her or had her thrown in a dungeon! The fiend!

He made his home at the manor of St. Hubertus. In 769, he was defeated in combat by Sir Pippin and swore an oath before the King to undertake a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Before he could depart, however, he was slain by Sir Girart, acting in vengeance at the behest of an unknown friend of Berthe’s.

Sir Isembard

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