Sir Aymeriet

Rash young knight


Glory achieved

1500 Glory
SIZ: 14 Move 3
DEX: 12 Damage 4d6
STR: 10 Hit Points 26
CON: 12 Armor 10 plus shield
APP: 12
Attacks: Sword 15, Lance 10, Dagger 10
Significant Traits: Forgiving 5, Prudent 4, Valorous 13
Significant Passions: Honor 15, Love (family) 15, Love (God) 12, Love (Charlemagne) 13
Significant Skills: Awareness 10, Battle 10, Courtesy 5, First Aid 10, Heraldry 5, Horsemanship 10, Hunting 5
Steed: Charger (6d6)

Nephew of Duke Gerard of Vienne and kin to Sir Oliver, Aymeriet made a name for himself before he was even knighted when he attacked Carloman’s wife, Gerbirga, for the trick she played on the Duke. This affront led directly to the siege of Vienne in 770-71. Aymeriet was knighted during the siege, and nearly succeeded in capturing Queen Gerbirga during a particularly bloody sortie.

After Roland and Oliver fought to a draw outside the walls of the city, the siege was lifted and Aymeriet renewed his oath of fealty to King Carloman.

Sir Aymeriet

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