Sir Astolf

The Most Handsome Knight in Britain


Glory achieved

4100 Glory
SIZ: 16 Move 2
DEX: 7 Damage 5d6
STR: 17 Hit Points 30
CON: 24 Armor 10+3+shield
APP: 20
Attacks: Sword 20, Spear 20, Dagger 10, Lance 12
Significant Traits: Chaste 15, Energetic 17, Forgiving 16, Generous 18, Honest 19, Just 14, Merciful 15, Modest 10, Prudent 6, Temperate 12, Trusting 16, Valorous 17
Significant Passions: Love [Charlemagne] 18, Love [family] 15, Honor 21, Love [God] 15
Significant Skills: Awareness 18, Battle 15, Courtesy 20, Eloquence 20, Hunting 10, Intrigue 15, Recognize 18, Romance 15, Siege 10
Significant Items: The Golden Lance, The Horn of Terror, Book of Spell Breaking

King Offa sends his second son to the court of his Frankish ally in 773. Though Astolf is not particularly skilled in combat, he is known for his good looks, courage, wisdom and his chivalrous courtesy: “a courtly, gallant gentleman,/courteous, noble, fair and free.” Orlando Innamorato, 1.7.LXIII

Even before he becomes a paladin in 779 after the battle of Roncevaux, he has acquired some very valuable magic items, like the Golden Lance, the Horn of Terror, and a Book of Spell Breaking. His most notable feat of arms is the capture of the Saracen robber giant Caligorante (775), and, riding a hippogriff, he travels to Africa and the moon to recover Roland’s lost wits (776).

Sir Astolf

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