King Charlemagne

Ruler of the Franks


Glory achieved

20000 Glory
SIZ: 23 Move 4
DEX: 13 Damage 8d6
STR: 22 Hit Points 53
CON: 30 Armor 12+3 plus shield
APP: 15
Attacks: Battle 25, Siege 20, Sword 22, Axe 20, Lance 18, Dagger 18
Significant Traits: Chaste 12, Energetic 25, Forgiving 16, Generous 20, Honest 16, Just 14, Merciful 14, Modest 12, Prudent 10, Temperate 15, Trusting 16, Valorous 28
Directed Traits: Vengeful (traitors) +15
Significant Passions: Love [family] 25, Honor 19, Love [God] 20
Significant Skills: Awareness 18, Courtesy 16, Eloquence 15, Hunting 20, Intrigue 18, Languages 10, Swimming 25
Significant Items: Joyeuse (sword), Blanchard (horse)

Powerful, prudent, wise, modest,
Illustrious, affable, learned, good, able, upright,
Gentle, distinguished, just, pious, an outstanding hero,
A king and a ruler, held in the highest respect, august, excellent,
A distinguished arbiter and judge, compassionate to the poor,
Peaceful, generous, skillful, good-spirited, handsome.
— Einhard

These laudatory verses were written by one of the courtiers, Einhard, to describe Charlemagne. Indeed, the glorious leader of the Franks is the perfect embodiment of a king and emperor, divinely inspired and guided in his mission to build a solid Christian realm.

He is naturally good-humored, very sincere and unusually temperate (except for red meat). His only noteworthy character flaws are his tendency to act stubbornly, and to not easily forgive traitors.

As the leader of his people, he subscribes to the traditional values of family life and hospitality, and is preoccupied with his reputation and especially with God’s precepts.

Charlemagne is an excellent horseman, and his favorite occupations include swimming and hunting, especially in the Ardennes Forest.

He is an excellent warrior, but also a man who has received a solid education: he speaks Latin in addition to his native Frankish, and even understands some Greek. Being eloquent himself, he has a particular love for arts, especially stories and music. A good song recited at the right moment can make him change his mind on important matters.

Charlemagne is rather handsome. He has a large nose, a short neck, a high voice, and a rich mustache and beard. He usually wears fairly common clothes with a golden brooch and a very fine belt. Regalia is reserved for when foreign ambassadors are present.

King Charlemagne

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