Sir Ogier the Dane

Semi-Giant Danish Prince


Glory achieved

9600 Glory
SIZ: 26 Move 4
DEX: 10 Damage 9d6
STR: 28 Hit Points 46
CON: 20 Armor 10+6 plus shield
APP: 10
Attacks: Battle 19, Siege 12, Sword 21+9, Axe 20, Dagger 16, Lance 15
Significant Traits: Energetic 16, Forgiving 4, Honest 5, Just 19, Prudent 5, Temperate 4, Valorous 24
Significant Passions: Love [Charlemagne] 16, Love [family] 14, Honor 23, Love [God] 11, Love [Gerberga] 21
Significant Skills: Courtesy 16, Faerie Lore 16, Gaming 16, Horsemanship 20, Swimming 1
Steed: Broiefer (6d6)

King Godfrid of Denmark’s semi-giant son was raised at the castle of Boulogne as King Pepin’s war hostage. There he married the castle warden’s daughter, Bellisende, who gave him two sons: Baldwin and Dudo (both half-giants). For a while, Duke Naymo’s nephew lived as a respected senior squire at King Pepin’s court.

The fearless Ogier always remains loyal to the paladins, yet at the same time is often in conflict with King Charlemagne. The irate and stubborn Dane brings his king victories in battle and defeats cumbersome giants, as well as occasionally fighting the Franks and their king.

Sir Ogier the Dane

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