The World's Most Wonderful Horse


SIZ 50
DEX 25
STR 50
CON 50
Damage: 6d6 (Lance charge 17d6)
Armor 8
Move 25
Hit Points: 100

Skills: Avoidance 39, Awareness 15
Traits: Valorous 20, Vengeful 18
Passions: Loyalty [Master] 16
Combat Skills: Bite & Kick 25


This most famous faerie horse was won by Maugis, who gave it to his cousin, Renaud. Bayard is counted as a Destrier, with the following changes: He has keen senses (Awareness 15), and an almost-human intelligence (he understands human speech), memory and fidelity. Bayard is fast as the wind (Move 25), strong (STR 50), fearless (Valorous 20), very dangerous (Vengeful 18) and difficult to tame. He has a sense of honor and loyalty (Loyalty [Master] 16). Of Aymon’s four sons, Bayard is “the fifth of the four of us.”


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