Know that everything, through it all, in it all, is entirely intended for you, for the health of your soul and body. I wish that you eagerly take this work in your own hand and fulfill its precepts, after my hand has addressed it to you. I wish you to hold it, turn its pages and read it, so that you may fulfill it in worthy action. For this little model-book, called a handbook, is a lesson from me and a task for you.

Dhuoda, “Prologue”

Welcome to the World of Charlemagne!

Here you will learn about the oldest knightly stories of our literature. As the Frankish noblewoman Dhuoda wrote to her beloved son, this wiki is meant as a source of inspiration for you.

Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne is the first roleplaying game that strives to weave together historical Carolingian events and the medieval epics into one coherent chronology. The rules and game mechanics are adapted from Greg Stafford’s widely acclaimed work King Arthur Pendragon.


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A Matter of France

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